Marco Polo

Italian & International Cuisine

Delight your family and loved one with our international and Italian restaurant, we also offer you seven different course dinners, one per night, so you can taste a great variety of dishes prepared withthe most fresh ingredients in GR Solaris Cancun.

marco polo restaurant



Spanish tortilla
Traditional egg omelette, with potatoes and roasted peppers.
Valencian rice
Typical Valencian style paella, made with mixed meats and seafood.
Galician Salad
Subtle combination of lettuce, balsamic chicken, mushrooms, cheese and Serrano ham, bathed in sherry dressing.
Basque salad
Bouquet of tender lettuce, smoked salmon and quail eggs, dressed with pesto.

Chickpea soup
Traditional chickpea soup made with a base of chicken broth and bacon.
Leek and Potato Cream
Succulent cream accompanied by brie cheese and parmesan crissini.

Fish Roast
Fish cooked on the grill, on vegetables and brava potatoes, bathed in alioli sauce.
Octopus with fine herbs
Citronized octopus with fine herbs, in paprika and cajun sauce, on mashed banana and crispy beets.
Turkey rolls
Baked turkey breast, bathed in chickpea sauce, accompanied by cabbage and Swiss chard stewed with bacon and cherry tomato.
Pork tenderloin
Pork loin in escalopes, in a sweet mustard sauce, accompanied by couscous with fine herbs and crispy vegetables.
Beef pupeta
Beef flank steak roll, wrapped in bacon, with red wine sauce, accompanied by potatoes au gratin.
Suckling pig shoulder
Baked pork loin and rib in olive sauce, served with mixed vegetable stew with thyme, garlic and white wine.
This menu is a sample.