Royal Solaris Cancun Shows

At Royal Solaris Cancun we include excitement, fun and entertainment in the shows that we have prepared for you and your family, so that you can enjoy every night of your vacation.

Viva Mexico!

Enjoy a spectacular and colorful night with traditional Mexican regional dances, performed by our talented entertainment team, which shows through music and dances, the great diversity we have in this beautiful country.

  • Monday
  • Tehuacán theater
  • 20:30 Hr

Cabaret night

Enjoy a musical cabaret night, full of color and magnificent choreographies representing moulin rouge, a love story and dreams to be made, we are sure that your whole family will enjoy it to the fullest.

  • Friday
  • Royal Solaris Cancun Tehuacán theater
  • 20:30 Hr

A modern love story

Discover or enjoy once again the unforgettable "West Side Story" a great love story rethought in a contemporary version performed on the stage of royal solaris cancun by our entertainment team.

  • Saturday
  • Tehuacán theater
  • 20:30 Hr

Every human deserve to breath

In this show transports us to a post-apocalyptic future where the necessary oxygen is so scarce and precious, that it triggers a fight for it and a great end. All this is narrated through contemporary music and dance.

  • Tuesday
  • Tehuacán theater
  • 20:30 Hr

"The show must go on"

Tonight we will give you a musical tour through the most famous Broadway shows, which are reinterpreted with great enthusiasm by our animation team, a show that you cannot miss.

  • Thursday
  • Tehuacán theater
  • 20:30 Hr

Disco Fever!

We are waiting for you in the hotel lobby so you can enjoy a perfect night dancing to the rhythm of the best and unforgettable time of the 70s, a show in which you will be part.

  • Wednesday
  • Lobby Bar
  • 20:30 Hr

A night full of magic.

This night is dedicated to gather and bond the family, a show with superheroes, villains, Prince, Princesses and a lot of fantasy and laughs in a special musical show created for the little ones.

  • Sunday
  • Tehuacán theater
  • 20:30 Hr