Lobby Bar

The place to meet & make friends

The lobby bar at Royal Solaris Cabo is the ideal place to make new friends while on vacations. Visit every evening and enjoy incredible live music from Monday to Saturday.

lobby bar



One of the basic drinks if you like whiskey, this simple but delicious drink is prepared with red and vermouth, a classic among the classics.
John collins
A refreshing drink prepared with mineral water, bourbon, lemon juice, sweet syrup, ice and to garnish an orange slice.
Screw driver
This drink is well known throughout Mexico as a remedy to the hangover, you cannot stop trying it, it is made with orange juice and vodka on the rocks.
Mango Martini
A sweet combination prepared with mango, white rum, triple sec, lemon juice and cranberry juice make this martini unforgettable and perfect for a relaxed afternoon.
Dirty Martini
Classic martini famous for the great character of the cinema: James Bond. It is prepared with gin, vermouth, and olive juice, garnished with one or two olives.

Blue margarita
The most chic drink to refresh yourself, is prepared with tequila, lemon juice, blue Curaçao, sugar and a pinch of salt.
Lemon margarita
The classic margarita recipe that everyone loves, prepered with reposado tequila, orange liqueur, lemon juice and sugar.
Strawberry margarita
A frech margarita prepared with tequila, triple sec orange liqueur, lemon juice, fresh strawberries and sugar.
Mango margarita
Sweet and refreshing drink prepared with tequila, triple sec orange liqueur, lemon juice, fresh mango and sugar.
Hot (chili) margarita
Dare to try this delicious margarita with tequila, cucumber, orange liqueur, lemon and serrano pepper.
This menu is a sample.