Deli Snack

For that special treat of the day

Deli snack at GR Solaris Cancun is the place where you can spend a great afternoon or satisfy your midnight carving, relax while enjoying a baguette prepared at the moment to delicious brownies fresh out of the oven accompained by your favorite tea.




Create your baguette with delicious ingredients such as: Smoked ham, roast beef, black forest, mortadella, cheddar cheese, mozzarella cheese, lettuce, tomato, mayonnaise, dijon mustard.
The classic croissants with cream cheese and ham, you can create your favorite combination with our natural ingredients: ham, tomato, lettuce, cheese cream, hard-boiled eggs, sliced apple.
Choose from our delicious milk jellies and water jellies prepared with natural ingredients and seasonal fruits.
Sweet bread and cupcakes
Taste delicious sweet muffins to accompany your favorite hot veberage: tea or American coffee.
Ice cream
Vanilla, strawberry, chocolate, Neapolitan, lemon, pistachio.

Variety of teas
Veriety of teas such as: Black, green, herbal, earl gray, chai, peppermint, jasmine, chamomile, on their own, or sweetened with sugar or stevia.
If tea is not an option, cool the heat and choose your preferred soda to quench your thirst, cola, orange and lemon-lime flavor.
Accompany your afternoon with an aromatic coffee freshly made from a delicious blend of Arabica and robust beans.
Natural Flavored water
Fresh flavored water prepared daily. The most popular are: hibiscus flower (jamaica), lemon, orange, tamarind and rice horchata.
Purified water
The best and most refreshing and effective to quench thirst and hydration, unflavored, purified water.
This menu is a sample.